Dear Partners

We all know the travel industry is in dire strait due to the Corona pandemic. You must be facing difficulties and we empathize with you. is a Travel Agent CRM used by tour operators and travel professionals. We intend to collect your feedback regarding current status, opinion on future outlook and suggestions to improve the position of the travel fraternity. This is our attempt to become your voice so that grass root problems could be conveyed to the government of our country.

We request you to spare five minutes to take this survey. Let us join hands in overcoming such difficult conditions. Together we will surely overcome this.

Share your opinion, take survey

1/5Impact on Current Business

Due to cancellation of Booking on account of Corona, what is your loss?
Due to Corona related issue, what would be the estimated amount of loss during next 12 months?

2/5Outlook on Future Business

As per your estimate, in how many months domestic travel would get back to normal?
As per your estimate, in how many months international travel would get back to normal?
Would you be able to survive during such period of disturbed business?
Are you planning reduction in the number of employees or their salary?

3/5Assistance from Government

What assistance do you expect from Government to overcome disturbance in business from Corona?

4/5Travel Agent Information

5/5Travel Services you provide most (Select any four)